Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holiday Inn Express in Corydon, Indiana, located near J Gumbos restaurant!

Wanting something different from the mundane fast food chains you see every time you leave home? Looking for something exciting and new? J Gumbos of Corydon, located near Holiday Inn Express, of Corydon, Indiana, offers you just that!

Around Corydon, Indiana, we get excited about a lot of things… tractor pulls, holiday sales, and Kentucky Derby for one… but we also get excited when a new restaurant comes to town, especially one as unique as J Gumbos. J Gumbos of Corydon just opened in early April, and they have impressed me so far with their food, their service, and their fun and friendly environment. The restaurant features a down-home Cajun style with huge bowls of spicy or sweet food piled on mounds of rice and served with a thick hunk of white bread. And, lucky for you, if you stay at Holiday Inn Express in Corydon, Indiana, you get a special taste of J Gumbos, an awesome discount!

Whether you want to check out the rustic yet modern interior of the store or try some of their spicy food, J Gumbos is the place to stop when you come to Holiday Inn Express of Corydon, Indiana. My favorite is the bumblebee stew. It features sweet corn, black beans, and tomatoes in a creamy sweet and spicy butter sauce. Another favorite is the juicy voodoo chicken, the spiciest thing on the menu. It features chicken marinated in spicy tomato sauce served over rice. Trust me, you’re going to need a huge drink to wash that spiciness down. Your luck is in! For the rest of April, drinks are free with the purchase of an entrĂ©e. Also, all menu items are only $6.40, and that includes tax! Talk about great Bayou Deals!

Holiday Inn Express of Corydon can help you make your regular vacation or business stay into something spectacular. Whether we help point you to the right restaurant for a delicious and unforgettable meal at a new and unique restaurant like J Gumbos or if we help you find that perfect retreat to liven up bored children, Holiday Inn Express of Corydon, Indiana, is the place to start your stay off right.

Make your reservation today at our Corydon Indiana Hotel The Holiday Inn Express by calling us directly at 812-738-1623 or visit our Holiday Inn Express Corydon website online. We, too, can show you sweet Southern hospitality and a unique and exciting time you won’t soon forget. Don’t wait, call now!

Holiday Inn Express - Corydon, Indiana
249 Federal Drive, Corydon, IN 47112
Reservations: 812-738-1623 Fax: 812-738-4858

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