Monday, October 26, 2009

Hotel Near Corydon Indiana Historic District

Corydon Indiana Hotel, the Holiday Inn Express located near one of Indiana state’s most historic districts.

Once again father-time has come to remind us how quickly to days seem to pass. We notice the hours of daylight shorten as fall winds down into the long winter season ahead. The biannual ritual of changing the clocks is finally upon us. On November 1st, Southern Indiana’s clocks will “fall back” an hour in observance of daylight savings time.

Occasions such as these give us reason to pause and reflect on where we’ve been. More than any other time of the year, our state’s rich history becomes apparent. Indiana’s extensive past is never more evident than in the historical community of downtown Corydon Indiana. Located less than a mile from our Corydon Indiana hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, Corydon’s Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Considered Indiana’s birthplace, Corydon Indiana was the state’s first capitol. From 1816 to 1825, Indiana’s government operated out of a series of buildings still standing and now carefully preserved in historic downtown Corydon. Central to this historic district is The Old Capitol Building. This two-story, Federal-style building features two-foot thick walls constructed of limestone and stands mostly unchanged from the day it was built. Several other buildings and sites add to the Historical status of Corydon Indiana. Buildings located within the district include: The Harrison County Courthouse, The First State Office Building, The Grand Masonic Lodge, The Old Capitol Bank, The Kinter House Hotel, The Leora Brown School, Cedar Glade, Westfall House, Posey House, and Indiana’s oldest standing Methodist Church. Historical sites include the Constitution Elm Tree (a marker to one of the largest elm trees in the world in which Indiana’s first state constitution was drafted) and the Battle of Corydon Memorial Park (the site of the only Civil War Battle fought in Indiana).

Whether you prefer to amble along the town-square or take a leisurely drive, time seems to stand still in lovely Historic Corydon Indiana. With our prime location here at the Holiday Inn Express in Corydon Indiana, discovering a piece of Indiana’s rich history has never been easier.

Observe Indiana’s Historic sites less than a mile from our hotel the Holiday Inn Express in Corydon Indiana. Make your reservation today at our Corydon Indiana Hotel The Holiday Inn Express by calling us directly at 812-738-1623 or visit our Holiday Inn Express Corydon website online.

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