Monday, October 5, 2009

Hotel near Battle of Corydon Civil War Memorial Park

The Battle of Corydon- lndiana's Only Civil War Battle Site

Located close to our Corydon Indiana hotel, the Holiday Inn Express Corydon is the Corydon Battlefield.

The Battle of Corydon is the only place that the Confederate and Union soldiers actually fought a battle. General John Hunt Morgan's 2,400 Confederate soldiers fought the local Harrison County led by Colonel Lewis Jordan militia that day. They fought that day in hopes that reinforcements would arrive and stop Morgan's march through Indiana.

Oliver P Morton, the Indiana governor issued a proclamation ordering all able-bodied male citizens into militia companies and fight Morgan and stop the invasion into Indiana.

On the morning of July 9, the confederate army was located one mile south of Corydon.

On that day, Morgan's men completely routed the militia.

In memory of the brave citizens led by Colonel Lewis Jordan and the history of the event, this park was dedicated in 1977.

For More Information please visit the Corydon Battlefield Website.

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