Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hotel in Southern Indiana Foothills

Corydon Indiana Hotel, the Holiday Inn Express located
in the middle of scenic Southern Indiana hills.

Today’s contemporary man is fluent in many modern conveniences including high-speed internet, facebook socialization, and instant messaging. The new-age super-informed take this a step further and often juggle multiple email address accounts, surf the web on their cell phones, and limit communication to quickly typed text messages in acronyms to save on time.

In this high-speed lifestyle where we strive to buy ourselves more minutes in the day, we only seem to add more tasks to our daily routine. The constant go-go-go mentality we have places more urgency to have things right when we want or need them. We become accustomed to having everything at our fingertips at the touch of a button. It’s easy to see where frustrations & stress can come about when the things we want or expect do not come when we want or need them.

Our need for instant gratification drives our lives in such a way that our everyday is a constant whirlwind of activity and strain. In order to ease the mental chatter and quiet the constant noise that surrounds us, we seek out more restful places. The Southern Indiana area has long been known and is often sought out for its peaceful, scenic surroundings. The majestic beauty and natural elements of the land seem to travel at a different and slower pace. The stillness and quiet of nature, or light sway of the trees brings a sense of quiet to the soul.

The Holiday Inn Express in Corydon Indiana offers the perfect location to escape the busy constant activity of your everyday life without sacrificing the modern conveniences you’ve come to expect. Our quiet location puts you at ease in the center of scenic Southern Indiana; while still giving you the comfort & convenience you expect with a numerous amount of local restaurants & entertainment to choose from. And if you feel the need to become one with nature, there are plenty of recreational areas nearby to visit, go hiking, fishing, hunting, picnicking, or just to wander.

If that’s not enough peace & quiet for you and you prefer to hear the roosters crowing in the morning, you may be ready to experience Blue River Valley Farm. Located a short scenic drive from the Holiday Inn Express in Corydon Indiana, this Milltown, Indiana farmhouse is available for rental to those who are ready to experience nature hands-on. With space to accommodate 6 people, wooded trails to wander, fishing, hunting, and of course farm animals (goats included)!

So whether you choose to be right out there in the countryside of Southern Indiana or get the experience while maintaining your comfy and familiar conveniences, the Holiday Inn Express in Corydon Indiana is there to make your getaway one to remember. Leaving that busy go-go-go behind to rest your mind for a while was never easier than making your reservation with us today. Call us directly at our Corydon Indiana Hotel the Holiday Inn Express at 812-738-1623 or visit our Holiday Inn Express Corydon website online.

Holiday Inn Express - Corydon, Indiana (IN)
249 Federal Drive, Corydon, IN 47112
Reservations: 812-738-1623 Fax: 812-738-4858
Email: corydon.fdhiexpress@gmail.com

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